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A Professional Looking Business Card

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First impressions are important and our printings will reflect excellence and quality your customers will remember.

We offer a variety of themed business card templates from military to real estate. Image is everything and a head turning, traffic stopping business card can contribute significantly towards building and keeping a successful business. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require some assistance with your order. Our accent on quality is your assurance that your investment is a smart and lasting one.

Cheap cards don't represent you well and may actually undermine sales.

Order Today - 5,000 Professional Business Cards
ONLY $250.00 includes S&H

5,000 Business Cards
ONLY $249 Includes S&H!!

Don't gamble your money away!!  Order 5,000 Quality Business Cards for Only $249 including S&H. 

All Business Cards are printed on a premium 95 bright 14pt coated 2 side stock. The printing is coated with a gloss Aqueous Coating (AQ) coating. AQ coating is a water based clear nontoxic finish used to add brilliance and durability to printed products.

The efficient processes allows the cost savings to be passed on to you. Using only high quality materials and printing methods, rest assured that you will receive the absolute best value for the price.

All Business Cards have the following key features:

  • Printed offset, full color 2 sides (4/4)

  • Printed on 95 bright 14pt C2S card stock

  • AQ gloss coating 2 sides (writeable coating)

  • Printed on Heidelberg Presses at 200LPI, 2400DPI

  • Full bleed, bleeding inwards

  • 3.5 x 2 size

Business Card - Back of Card / Background Samples:


  • Patriotic

  • Scenic

  • Real Estate

  • Animals

  • Houses


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